Thank you for dropping by. You can watch the full video of Iris Koh's talk at here and follow the instructions below to begin your journey on NFTs. Follow the steps below and you can also receive a free NFT (Limited to first 1000 people). 


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This Gift is for visitors at Login who has listened to the talk by Iris Koh: Connecting Worlds with Art and NFTs on 26th May at 650p.m Lithuania time. Limited to 1000 pax only.


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2. Follow the steps below to claim your Limited Edition

Book Launch NFT. This gift is for visitors who attend the Login Festival and listen to Iris Koh's talk on the 26th May at 650p.m, Lithuania time. (Limited to 1000 pax).

Step 1: Setting up of Tezos Wallet. (Estimated 5 mins).

Step 2: Register an account at (Estimated 5 mins).

Step 3: Submit your details to us so that we may send you some Tezos to redeem the NFT.

(Please give us 1-2 business day to send the Tezos to you)

Submit your details to us so that we may send you some Tezos so that you can redeem the NFT.

Step 4.- Claiming your free NFT. (Estimated 5 mins)

Proceed to this URL to claim for your NFT -

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