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The FUTURE OF ART in BLOCKCHAIN: How NFT is the game changer.

The Future of Art in Blockchain:
How NFT is the game changer 

with Featured Artist Yulia Bykova.


Date: 30 March 2021

Tuesday 9:00p.m-11:00p.m,

Singapore Time. 


Zoom Meeting

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The speakerS:

Iris Koh, Founder Of CryptoIKI, Singapore.
Yulia Bykova, Featured Artist, Russia.
Raymond Ng, Founder of Katalyst, Singapore.

David Ataraxia, Crypto Art by Yulia Bykova.
You can view the collection on Rarible.  

Join Us If You Are 

  • A forward looking Artist or Technologist.
  • Interested to be a Crypto Art Collector and earn royalties.
  • Interested to support the NFT movement and benefit from its growth.
  • Curious to know more about this new space.
  • Interested to meet other people who want to work in this space.
  • We do not want punters, cynics and those who do not believe in the future of blockchain / cryptocurrency.
  • We also do not want those who do not value / support the arts. 

The Problems

  • Existing methods of royalty distribution are slow and lack transparency.
  • This impacts artists who rely on royalties for income.
  • Traditionally, only Art Galleries can sell works for a higher price as they have the database of buyers. With NFTs, there are now new global audiences who can access and purchase the art work. 
  • Consumers have a limited way to support their favourite artists.

Our Promise

  • We give creators autonomy to manage and track the sale of their works in a transparent manner. 
  • We enable collectors to earn staking income and benefit from the sale of NFTs. With NFTs, there emerges a new class of audience / collectors.
  • We give the middle class opportunities to make transactional fee income from staking the CryptoIKI token. They can now support the artists and financially benefit from it at the same time.
  • We promote and create opportunities for our managed artists to brand and promote themselves. 
  • We create and strengthen collaboration within the creative community.
  • We create partnerships with brands for them to participate in the NFT space and gain visibility.

Our Mission

At CryptoIKI, we firmly believe that Arts preserves our culture for future generations and is an ethical voice in a highly evolving and complex world. We encourage people to think, explore, question and come to terms with what is real / what is not and what values we hold dear as a human race as science and technology advances.

The rise of fake news is an existential moment for all content creators and we believe that engagement with quality arts can help individuals to be more discerning, empathetic, perceptive, authethic and courageous which will lead to a diverse society that can live in harmony. 

Featured Artist


I have a passion for beauty and creativity — these are two words that describe me the best. Art is a mirror that reflects outside world. Inspiration is a glance, and a good artist is always watching. A great
piece of art can change the world — that’s what I think about when I work on a new project.

Our Artists

charlie lim


Mr Charlie Lim B. K. developed a new art form that he calls “Light-Paintography” which has propelled him to international fame. Charlie has won 10 Nominee Awards at the 5th /6th /7th /8th /10th
/12th/13th International Color Awards of Portraits, Nude and Fashion Categories and he had held his major solo
photo exhibition in Singapore on Oct 2015 at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre. He has won an Honor of Distinction Photo Competition Excellence Award from Asia WPA (HK), 2017.


architect & interior designer

Ms Yulia Bykova studied Architecture and Interior Design at Ravensbourne University, where she developed the Alexander McQueen Flagship Store. Ms Bykova's passion for beauty and creativity led her to start her career at Architectural Association School of Architecture.

tan geng hui


Mr Tan Geng Hui's love for photography inspired his photojournalistic journey, shooting a diverse selection of photographs. The stories and experiences Mr Tan has captured throughout his endeavours range from travel and events, to sports, heritage and culture.

About CryptoIKI

We empower creators to leverage on blockchain technology to promote and sell their works. Blockchain enables the seamless management of intellectual property rights. We also incentivise collectors to promote their favourite creators and create an eco-system for collaboration between collectors and creators. Blockchain also allows collectors of digital art to sell and resell their collection, making it easy for more people to benefit from owning a piece of intellectual property.

Our Team



Iris is a musician and entrepreneur. She is a Musical Theatre expert and has run several businesses over the years with her husband Raymond. Iris is also the Artiste Promoter and Concert Organiser of the Vienna Boys Choir in Singapore and Bangkok. Crypto is a brand new field and she feels excited to be able to bring this knowledge to other creators so they can leverage on this new technology and earn recurring royalties for their creations. 




Raymond is the author of Rise of the Small, Catalysing on the Blockchain Evolution and the founder of Katalyst, a blockchain company based in Singapore. Raymond graduated from Computer Science in NUS, and was the chairman of Linux Conference. He also acted as a Management Consultant in finance. While in the practice of management consulting, he has familiarised himself with the law, specifically in terms of the Securities and Futures Act. 



We are very honoured to have Mr Charlie Lim join us as a Artist Mentor. He is a
veteran in the Advertising and Commercial Photography field with more than 30 years of experience.  Charlie was recently presented with The Artivist Award of the Year by ArtTour International (New York) in Mid Dec, 2019. It is also his wish and desire to share his knowledge and expertise in this field with the next generation of Artists.