Create, Sell and Earn Royalties with your digital art via blockchain.

We assist creators of digital art to promote and manage their art works via NFT market places. CryptoIKI tokens manage royalty disbursements of NFTs sold on various platforms and reward collectors to promote and own digital art. Join us today to know how you can participate in one of the greatest artistic revolutions of the century. 








What we do: 

We empower creators to leverage on blockchain technology to promote and sell their works.

Blockchain allows for transparent and seamless management of intellectual property rights, enabling collaboration. We also incentivise collectors to promote their favourite creators and create an eco-system for collaboration. NFT platforms allow collectors to resell their collection, making it easy for more people to benefit from owning a piece of intellectual property. Blockchain allows artists to earn recurring royalties when a piece of work is sold every single time, including secondary sales.

Howwe do it

Making NFTs accessible to artists, collectors and venue providers.

Blockchain technology can be confusing and extremely technical.

1) We are the bridge where NFT art can be made easily accessible to the public.
2) We form partnerships with hotels, venue providers and other key cultural centres to showcase NFT art to the public.
3) We organise talks, workshops and events where the public can know more about NFT art and collectibles.

4) We teach artists how to make their work available as an NFT. 
5) We promote and brand artists whose works we are curating.
6) We create projects that allow collaboration between artists and the public. 

Our Mission: 

At CryptoIKI, we firmly believe that Arts preserves our culture for future generations and is an ethical voice in a highly evolving and complex world. We encourage people to think, explore, question and come to terms with what is real / what is not and what values we hold dear as a human race as science and technology advances.

We believe that engagement with quality arts can help individuals to be more discerning, empathetic, perceptive, authentic and courageous which will lead to a more diverse and harmonious society.

Philosophy in curation: 

We support works that explores the truth, our humanity and important cultural moments in our history. We create projects that are life-changing, empowering, funny, beautiful, crazy, ambitious and invite the public to engage with the artists in a dance to discover themselves and the world. 

We are always on the look out for artists who have a strong message, excellent craftsmanship, forward looking and bold enough to step into the NFT world.

Join us and other like-minded individuals as we embark on this exciting journey.

About Us

Ikibook Limited is a registered Not-For-Profit company in Singapore. In 2018, we created a creative commons musical in 26 days with the help of a community of musicians, writers, actors, choreographers, photographers, videographers and people from all walks of life. The work was presented at Campus Party, Singapore 2018. We used digital tokens to incentivise participation and reward contribution. As a lot of technology in the blockchain world was not ready then, we also went into hibernation. Fast forward 2021, with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)s gaining maturity and prominence, we can finally leverage on the technology in this space and continue our dream to enable creators to live their ikigai. 

Meet the Team



Iris is a musician and entrepreneur. She is a Musical Theatre expert and has run several businesses over the years with her husband Raymond. She is also the Artiste Promoter and Concert Organiser of the Vienna Boys Choir in Singapore and Bangkok. Crypto is a brand new field and she feels excited to be able to bring this knowledge to other creators so they can leverage on technology to earn recurring royalties for their creations. 

Raymond Ng


Raymond is the author of Rise of the Small, Catalysing on the Blockchain Evolution. He is the founder of Katalyst, a blockchain company based in Singapore. Graduated from Computer Science in NUS, he was the chairman of Linux Conference. He acted as a Management Consultant in finance. Additionally, in the practise of management consulting, he has had to familiarise himself with the law, specifically in terms of the Securities and Futures Act. 

Contact Information

Find us at: 240 MacPherson Road
#04-05 Singapore 348574